Lines & Spaces on the Staff - Dinosaurs

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by Kelly Bordeaux Piano

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Subjects: art,music,musicPiano,musicElementarySkills,musicBand,musicOrchestra,musicChoir

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Review lines & spaces on the staff with this fun dinosaur-themed deck! Includes 54 cards that help piano students identify the difference between line & space notes and number the lines & spaces. Written instructions are included on each card and deck includes 2 types of cards: Card type #1: - Students will decide if the note on the staff is a line note or a space note and tap the correct answer. Card type #2: - Students will decide which line or space number the note is on and tap the correct number. *Students are only identifying line notes or spaces and the number of line or space the note sit on in this deck. Names of line & space notes are not reviewed. Cards are randomized so play is different each time. Students play 20 cards at a time. *This deck was not created by Wunderkeys creators, but goes along well with concepts covered in the Wunderkeys Primer 2 book and Very Useful Library Level D.