4.PS4 TNReady Test Prep for Waves

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by Nurtured Nature

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Subjects: science,physicalSciences,waveProperties

Grades: 4

Description: TNReady test prep can be challenging without providing students with many examples of waves and their application for technologies for information transfer. This deck of Energy cards is the perfect solution – it includes 10 test prep Boom cards, modeled after item sampler and practice test questions, and aligned with Tennessee state standard 4.PS4 Waves and their Application for Technologies for Information Transfer. The following TN Science standard objectives are addressed: 1) Use a model of a simple wave to explain regular patterns of amplitude, wavelength, and direction. 2) Describe how the colors of available light sources and the bending of light waves determine what we see. 3) Investigate how lenses and digital devices like computers or cell phones use waves to enhance human senses.