Remedial 789: Numeral-to-Word Relation_1 choice

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by Piero Evfremidis

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,speech,specialed,receptiveLanguage,specialAba,Special Autism

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This deck is part of the 'Learning Numbers 7-8-9: Equivalence-Based Instruction' Program. Use this deck if your learner is having trouble with the match-to-sample procedure when learning the numeral-to-word relationship If you want to use this as a standalone, this Flow Magic deck allows educators to walk through simple discriminations using a match-to-sample approach to help your student learn the numeral-to-word relationship for numbers 7 to 9. The deck contains 36 slides (3-12 slide sets - each 12-slide set varies in font to enhance generalization). To teach the relation, give the instruction, "Find the same" and use an either a least-to-most or most-to-least prompting procedure to support your learner and appropriate reinforcement. This deck would be appropriate for a student with an 'early learner profile' and/or 'learning' their numbers.