Match the CVC Words - Sounds a, i, m, n, o, p, s, t

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by Top Notch Teaching

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Are you looking for some fun ways to practice and review CVC words? This FREE deck has 12 CVC words Boom Cards. Students read the words and match them to the correct picture. This set 1 focuses on the sounds/letters: a, i, m, n, o, p, s, t. The words used in the deck include man, map, mat, mop, nan, nap, nip Pam, pan, pat, pin, pip, pit, pop pot, Sam, sap, sat, sip, sit, Tam tan, tap, Tim, tin, tip, Tom, top This helpful deck includes - 12 different cards. - Each card has three words to match. - Each card is self-checking and provides immediate feedback. - The cards are randomized, which means each time your students play, they will see the cards in a different order!