MIXED - R Controlled Vowels - Build the Word | SET 2

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by Ice Cream for Learning

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This activity is a fun and engaging way to review and learn about R-CONTROLLED VOWELS with interactive pieces and components using the BOOM Learning platform. This is GREAT for Distance Learning! This activity includes: 16 Interactive Task Card Decks (with AUDIO) Building MIXED sets of bossy R words. Words Included: card star harp shark skirt twirl stir shirt torch stork storn church curls paper tiger spider This activity is a fantastic way to integrate technology in your classroom virtually or in person. This activity can be displayed on the board in your classroom or shared on a LIVE Zoom/Google Meet. Reasons this resource is AMAZING: ★ NO PREP ★ PAPERLESS ★ SAVES AUTOMATICALLY to your BOOM Learning Account ★ AUDIO DIRECTIONS for independent learning ★ ENGAGING & INTERACTIVE technology ★ Students can use this resource ANYWHERE (home, school, or on the go)