SINGULARS and PLURALS -s -es CVC Pictures

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by Fluency Classroom

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Subjects: speakingListening,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,englishSecondLanguage,eslGrammar,eslVocab,eslPronunciation

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: THIS DECK VOCABULARY: CVC Words SINGULARS and REGULAR PLURALS -s, -es (dad, dads, hen, hens, pal, pals, gem, gems, net, nets, kid, kids, bin, bins, log, logs, tot, tots, bug, bugs, nut, nuts, box, boxes, fox, foxes, gas, gases, sax, saxes, wax, waxes, yes, yeses, fix, fixes, mix, mixes, six, sixes, tux, tuxes, bus, buses) This deck is part of +1000 decks ESLNewcomers Listening BUNDLE SUPER DISCOUNTED! ESL Listening Comprehension Practices for Newcomers and Young English Language Learners - Kindergarten and Elementary Grades Students in PRE-PRODUCTION STAGE 1, WIDA ELP Level 1 Entering Vocabulary and Sentence Structures Spiral Practices +++This is part of a HUGE BUNDLE. Read below and $$$ SAVE!!! ***Ultimate Growing Bundle +1000 decks Select and go to: Please feel free to send me your questions, comments or suggestions: