St Patrick Music terms and Signs level II

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by Saloomeh

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Subjects: art,music,valentinesDay,firstDayOfSpring,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Would you like to incorporate technology in your class and lessons? Boom Cards can be used on Smartboards, computers, laptops, or other mobile devices and are engaging additional resources to your teaching . They have self-grading and make review and homework easy and fun. These 23 cards will help student to learn, review, and practice the following musical sings and terminology accent forte piano pianissimo fortissimo mezzo forte mezzo piano tie legato common time cresc. crescendo decresc. decrescendo dim. diminuendo double bar line fermata tenuto ritardando pedal repeat sign staccato All the cards have self-correction and give students immediate feedback as they play. Each time children play the will get 10 cards. If they play again, they will have new set of cards. Boom Cards requires no prep, no printing, no laminating, and no storage. Boom Cards make great independent learning they are ideal for supply plans, distance learning, home schools, absent students. This product is aligned with RCM certificate program level II. Terms of Use: This product is intended for personal classroom use only. The buyer does not have rights to share or distribute.