Christmas Gift Vocabulary Writing | Spelling | Video | NO Sound Cues | ESL

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by Learn English with Lucky

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This deck includes 12 Christmas writing words that correspond to the another deck with an original song, "This Year for Christmas" here: But this deck can be used independently as well to test spelling skills. If you want to test just spelling and not vocabulary, see the deck with sound. Reminders for the children: don't forget to use a space between two words and to use capital letters where needed! NOTE: For British students, I have included the spelling "aeroplane" as a potential correct answer in addition to airplane. The cards have a nearly 2-minute video on the 5th card. The deck includes the following vocabulary words: bike, book, ball, video game, doll, teddy bear, blocks, airplane, socks, dog, Santa Claus, and year. This is NOT the song video from the similar decks. Words are pronounced with a standard American accent 4x each. (I was a radio/TV reporter before becoming a teacher... Look for my audio store coming soon!) Thanks for visiting my store!