Realistic Match States of Matter Identification

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by Full SPED Ahead

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Subjects: specialed,Special Autism,lifeSkills,developmentalSkills,structureAndPropertiesOfMatter,science,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This is a science activity to identify states of matter in solid, liquid and gas. This resource comes with sound to help with identification of properties of matter. This specialized activity provides students with engaging opportunities to explore the states of matter—solid, liquid, and gas—through immersive exercises and clear visuals. Tailored to accommodate diverse learning needs, learners of all abilities can confidently engage with the properties and behaviors of different states of matter, promoting scientific inquiry and cognitive development. From observing changes in matter to understanding the characteristics of each state, each task is thoughtfully crafted to reinforce key scientific concepts while fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills. Common Core Standard: 5-PS1-2: Measure & graph quantities to provide evidence that, regardless of the type of change that occurs when heating, cooling, or mixing substances, the total weight of matter is conserved. DLM Essential Elements Standards: EE.5-PS1-2: Recognize the change in state from liquid to solid or from solid to liquid of the same material.