Numbers 1-10

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by Aussie Waves

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Subjects: math,mathElementary

Grades: 13,1

Description: This deck presents students with many tasks to learn how to represent numbers 1-10 in a variety of ways! There are 100 number sense activities that help to develop a deeper understanding of the numbers 1-10. Tasks are fun, interactive and allow students to develop understanding and confidence with numbers, 0-10. What’s included? There are 100 slides with GIF spinners. Students are asked to watch the spinner, identify and match the landing number. Click to answer. Answers are represented as: ** 10 Frames ** Finger Counts ** Base 10 Blocks ** Number of items ** Beads ** Words ** Tally Marks ** One more ** One less This deck is a great way to follow-up and perfect knowledge after students have been introduced to individual numbers. Ideal for morning work, Math stations, revision for assessment. The deck is randomised.