Spelling List 'Ow' Quick Review

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by Jollymum

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Subjects: ela,elaLanguageSpelling,elaLanguage,conventionsOfStandardEnglish

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: These simple multiple-choice cards are a fun way to review the spelling concept "OW." Perfect for morning work or independent rotation tasks. You can even use it as a whole group activity. Students line up in front of the interactive whiteboard and take turns identifying the images and finding the matching names for them. What will you receive with your purchase: ➤ 20 unique cards ➤ 1 image on each picture ➤ 3 possible answers to choose from Cards and possible answers are randomized. Word list: ★ bow ★ brown ★ clown ★ cow ★ crowd ★ crown ★ down ★ flower ★ fowl ★ frown ★ gown ★ how ★ howl ★ now ★ owl ★ row ★ shower ★ sow ★ tower ★ town Thanks for stopping by.