Flower Vase 2D-Shapes | Unscramble the Name

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by Hands-On Multilingual Fun

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Subjects: ela,math,socialstudies,shapes,firstDayOfSpring

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: With this deck, your students will unscramble the letters to reveal a 2D-shape word. Your students will then type it in the yellow box and select the flower and vase shape that matches the name. This deck would be great to review spelling of shapes names and learning about flowers. 2D Shapes included in this deck include: Circle Triangle Heart Star Rectangle Square Rhombus Trapezoid Oval Pentagon Hexagon Octagon You can find other world decks and bundles in our store, Hands-on Multilingual Fun or using the link below. https://wow.boomlearning.com/author/handsonmultilingualfun