Miss Mavis Learns the R Sound: Articulation Practice- Valentine's Day

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by Small Town Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Miss Mavis Learns the R Sound: Articulation Practice is the NEXT in this resource series. Miss Mavis is a friendly little Boston Terrier. This is the perfect resource targeting prevocalic R while getting in the spirit of Valentine's Day! It's a great resource for targeting high repetition of the prevocalic R sound in the initial position. This deck includes 25 practice cards. There are 15 cards targeting the prevocalic R sound. Each card has one prevocalic R word and a counting task related to Valentine's Day candy hearts. Students are instructed to count the candy hearts and then practice the target word that many times. They then type the number of candy hearts into the pink heart. Worried about emergent readers? No problem! Each card has an audio button reading the instructions. The target word is both shown by a picture and the written word on the chalkboard. Trials required on each card range from 1-10 giving your students' plenty of repetition trials.