f Articulation Initial Position of Words Memory Pairs Game Sentence Level

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by Sparky Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 0

Description: This is a classic memory/pairs game to target /f/ in initial position of words at sentence level (total 80 stimulus card!). The bright colored 'cover' cards are ideal for teletherapy/distance learning as the student can tell you which card to move to reveal the target word/stimulus card by either describing the color, number or picture on the front cover card. Ideal for all ages. Designed for 1-3 players. Either compete to find the most matches or just let 1 player find all the matches. Access 'on the go' through the Boom Card app (internet connection required). IF you want a PRINTABLE .pdf of the flash cards of the still pictures for all my flash cards for this sound set (which includes cards for 1-4 syllable words, these sentence level cards and both of my pairs/memory games) consider purchasing the Bundle. Enjoy!