Jobs Spelling Set 3

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by Miss Esther TPT

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: socialstudies

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Thirty-three digital Task Cards for reinforcing jobs and occupations vocabulary. These are a little more advanced than just firefighter or teacher. It includes careers such as economist or dog walker. Look at the picture and click on the correct word. Great for ESL students. Great for Career Day. LIST INCLUDES: miner, trucker, cook, referee, grocer, mechanic, engineer, astronomer, geologist, accountant, news anchor, film director, steelworker, road worker, telemarketer, bookkeeper, archeologist, statistician, dogcatcher, economist, journalist, mapmaker, dogwalker, sculptor, surveyor, chemist, blacksmith, historian, bodyguard, parking officer, real estate agent, shoe salesman, horticulturist, jockey