Articulation Sticker Book: L & L-blends

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by The Speech Banana

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: This deck is packed with fun for targeting initial /l/ and l-blends. This sticker book theme includes 22 cards featuring matching and drag/drop response options. Utilize this deck during therapy as a fun game companion or as a stand-alone, digital, intervention deck. This deck can also be utilized for progress monitoring, speedy therapy drills, a fun homework assignment or RtI intervention. Initial /l/: lock, lion, lemon, leaf, laundry, lizard, lamp, lip, ladder, lamb, letter, ladybug, list, light, log, love, lipstick, lunch Blends: CL: club, clown, cloud, clover, claw, clam, clock, clean, clip FL: fly, flat, flower, flashlight, floss, flame, flip flops, flag, flute GL: glasses, glider, glass, gloss, glow, gloves, globe, gladiator, glue PL: planet, plumber, plant, plug, pliers, plum, plus, plunger, play-doh SL: sleeve, sleep, sleet, slam, slug, slip, slime, slice BL: blender, black, blindfold, blimp, block, blanket, blueberries, blowfish, blow Enjoy & Always Have Fun! Jenn Saliba - The Speech Banana