Identifying Emotions Winter Trees | Social Skills

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by A Fresh Breath

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Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Looking for a fun, engaging way to digitally practice identifying emotions in a seasonal setting? Here are 25 digital task cards for students to read and/or listen to on identifying emotions with a winter theme featuring festive trees. Identifying Emotions Winter Trees digital task cards are super great for social skills lessons or a quick review. The cards feature the first several slides as review slides showing what different emotions on a tree's face would look and what aspects to look for in regards to different emotions. Emotions that are covered are: happy, surprised, worried, mad, scared, and sad. The review slides are followed by 18 cards where students can decide which unicorn face shows the emotion asked about. Additionally, students have the option to listen to the text on each card to assist those who need the extra reading support. These digital task cards are great for providing students with practice identifying the different emotions to help them transfer their knowledge to their everyday lives. It helps those who struggle identifying what the basic emotions would physically look like on a face. The cards automatically shuffle so this deck can be used again and again. And because this deck is self checking, it provides instant feedback. Enjoy this deck? Check out my store for more great identifying emotions and other social skills decks. :)