Cause and Effect Westward Expansion

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by Kidcentric Teaching and Learning

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Subjects: socialstudies

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: A n engaging and fun way to review the concepts of cause and effect to understand the past and how and why events happened. These versatile slides can be used in a variety of ways, Individually, students can self-assess their understanding of the causes and effects of the war. With a partner, they can compete to take turns identifying the events correctly as cause or effect, receiving a point for each they answer correctly. The winner is the player with the high score. Team play can be conducted with multiple players taking turns. To go into depth more on the topics, a teacher-led discussion of the slides enhanced by critical thinking questions can promote a greater understanding of both events covered and the concepts of cause and effect. Slides can be printed as task cards - lightweight cardstock is great for durability - along with an answer key or answers written on the back of each card. So many ways to keep students engaged and learning! Check out the printies selections for free supplemental answer sheets and answer keys for classroom use. For more Cause-and-Effect Boom Cards, check out: History Mystery, Cause and Effect Civil War History Mystery, Cause and Effect Revolutionary War