6R17E Matching: Eighths as Decimals and Percents

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by K-8 Math Sense

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Subjects: math,mathMiddleSchool,ratiosPercents,midSchoolFractions,equivalentExpressions,midSchoolDecimals

Grades: 6,7,8

Description: These cards show square models for fractions in eighths, plus equivalent decimals and percents. Students get LOTS of practice as they select two of six cards that represent the same value. See other Boom decks in this store, color coded by CCSS domain and level. The main images for grades 6-8 have a light green background, and fraction sets have purple corners. For related printable game cards, search code 6R17 in the Printable section of this store. 6R17 stands for the grade level, domain, cluster, and goal.