UFLI 111-118 | Witches Brew Halloween | Low Freq Spelling

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by PuddleJumpers

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Subjects: speech,foundationalSkills,reading,games,readingSkills,phonics,halloween

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: "Witches' Brew" for Literacy - With sound! The witches are brewing potions for Halloween!  Who can make the strongest potion of all?   Choose a card to read and find ingredients to put on your shelf.  But watch out!  If you find a scary pumpkin this will destroy one of your ingredients. If you uncover an eyeball this will allow you to steal another player's ingredient.   The player with the most ingredients on their shelf at the end of the game wins! This fun, interactive phonics deck targeting basic alphabet sounds allows practice with a speech pathologist or teacher. Contains 12 games for Low Frequency Spellings: or, ar /er/ air, are, ear /air/ ear /ear/ ei, ea, ey /a/ aigh, eigh /a/ ew, eu, ui /yu/ ough /aw/; ough /o/ Signal Vowels: c /s/ Signal Vowels: g /j/ ch /sh/ ch /k/ gn /n/ gh /g/ silent t Compatible with: UFLI Foundations Lessons 111 to 118 or other phonics programs that focus on low frequency spellings.