Compound Words reversed

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by Chicken Nugget

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2

Description: This deck asks students to put compound words together choosing 2 answers from a variety of possible answers. This is in reverse from my other decks which gave the clues images but not the compound word. This time they have the compound word, but not the 2 words that create it. This deck will have similar problems to the compound word decks, but are not a complete parallel. However if students have done the other decks they will be familiar with the images presented. This time they will write the building words opposed to the compound word itself. This then illustrates how the 2 words create the spelling of the compound word. To scaffold the activity the compound word is hidden behind the image in case it is too hard to figure out what the image is. The words are also behind the 2 answers to help students spell the words they need to type in. Note: images will be rearranged often and new possible answers inserted as well.