Beginning L Blends| Initial Consonant Blends

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by B & B Teaching With Heart

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonics,articulation

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This deck is a wonderful practice for beginning consonant blends with l or "l blends". Students will have the opportunity to listen and choose the correct initial l blend on half of the cards AND ALSO listen and type the missing initial l blend and clicking the matching picture on the other half of the deck. Here's what's included: 29 Beginning Blend cards 1 direction card with audio 14 cards: Students click the correct initial l blend from 3 choices. 14 cards: Students listen to the picture name, click the correct beginning l blend picture, and type the missing initial blend in the blank. Initial Blends include: Initial blend bl: blow, blimp, blender, blocks, blizzard Initial blend pl: pliers, plumber, plug Beginning blend cl: clown, clam, clothes, clean Beginning blend sl: slide, slipper, slice, sleeve, sleigh Initial Blend gl: globe, glasses, glow, glue Beginning blend fl: flag, floss, floor, float, flower **All slides include audio support to help students with the picture names.