Object Function Winter Items

by Big Apple Classroom

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Subjects: ela,specialed,speech,holiday,firstDayOfWinter

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Object function of Winter themed objects! Students answer WH questions to identify the correct object and function of various Winter themed items. Students must select the correct object or function in a field of 3. All answer choices are written and have visual aids. All questions are accompanied by a visual to help students comprehend the question asked. There are 2 sections in this activity: *In cards 2-17: Students must identify the correct object based off of the function given. (Targets objects) *In cards 18-33: Students must identify the correct function based off of the object given. (Targets functions) Students practice object/function for the following Winter themed items: hat, coat, mittens, snowsuit, earmuffs, scarf, shovel, ice skates, sled, thermometer, fireplace, blanket, tissue, mug, chair lift, snow boots