Spanish Body: Listening (Easier Version)

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by World Language Cafe

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Subjects: language,nativeSounds,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Students listen to 4 Spanish body parts and choose the correct one based on the photo. Great listening practice and helps with pronunciation! Students listen as many times as they'd like. Bonus: This activity also practices the verb, doler. Ex. Dile al doctor que parte del cuerpo te duele. Me duele/n . . . Vocabulary: cabeza, pelo, ojos, boca, nariz, dientes, oreja, espalda, brazo, mano, dedo, estómago, piernas, rodilla, tobillo, pies, dedos del pie, cuerpo, le duele, le duelen. This is the easy version of this activity. The more advanced version includes 35 body parts. Pick the level based on your students' age and abilities. Save more with the bundle: If there is another word that you would like to see included or if you have other suggestions, email me at: