El cóndor andino Spanish Reader

by Speak Up Language Learners

Price: 275 points or $2.75 USD

Subjects: nativelanguage,nativeSpanish,language,instructionalSpanish,geography,cultureAndSociety

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: This is the Spanish version of this story. This reader is all about the Andean condor. There is audio for each page for students to listen while they read. The story is made up of 19 cards. Next students will work with the sentences from the text to uncover a mystery picture! Students will see a sentence from the text with a word missing. There is audio to help them read. Students will click on the word which belongs on the blank & reveal a portion of the mystery picture. ACTFL Standard 2.2: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture studied.