Alien Complex Clusters Articulation Memory Game

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by Jennie Rametta

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation,games

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Looking for a comprehensive and no prep space activity to target the phonological process of cluster reduction? Your speech therapy students will love this Alien Articulation Memory Game and you will love how many repetitions of practice they get in just one session. Players engage in a traditional memory game while practicing target sounds. The player that gets the most matches wins the game. This unique activity includes moveable visuals, which allows for an endless amount of replays. Your clients will want to rematch all Winter long! Suitable for teletherapy, traditional therapy or to assign for home practice. THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES 16 Game Boards SKW: Squash, Squeak, Squeeze, Squid, Square SPL: Splinter, Splash, Splat, Split, Explain SKR: Scroll, Scribble, Screwdriver, Scream, Scramble SPR: Sprain, Sprout, Spray, Spread, Sprinkle STR: Straw, Street, Strong, Stripes, Stroller SHR: Shrimp, Shred, Shrub, Mushroom, Shrink THR: Throw, Through, Thread, Throne, Three FR: Frosting, Friends, Fridge, Frog, Fries FL: Flamingo, Flag, Flip Flops, Fly, Flower SL: Sled, Sleeve, Sleep, Slide, Sloth