Objetos de la casa/House items in Spanish

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by Teach Spanish Online

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Subjects: language

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Boost your students' Spanish language skills with our engaging Boom Cards product, "Objetos de la casa: House Items in Spanish." This comprehensive lesson focuses on teaching students how to use the verb "haber" to describe places and differentiate between the indefinite articles "un" and "una." Key Features: - Vocabulary Presentation: Immerse students in the essential vocabulary related to house items through a visually appealing presentation, enabling them to grasp the necessary words for describing places. - Practice Activities: Reinforce comprehension and language production with interactive activities. Students will engage in tasks such as finding objects that do not match and classifying words according to their respective indefinite articles. Equip your students with the necessary skills to describe house items in Spanish using the verb "haber" and distinguish between "un" and "una" through our optimized Boom Cards product, "Objetos de la casa: House Items in Spanish." Develop their language proficiency, reinforce vocabulary retention, and promote accurate usage of articles. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource for an interactive and effective learning experience.