Delayed Finding A Picture (Set 2)

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by Raven Education

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This deck of cards is great practice for both visual performance and short term memory. Students will be shown a picture of a common object. They will be instructed to look at the picture and to remember the picture. On the next card they will be shown an array of four pictures. One of those four pictures is the picture they just looked at. Students will have to remember which picture it is they saw on the previous card, and click on it. In this set there are 10 items (pen, spoon, frog, basketball, crayon, cat, balloon, book, key, bike). Check out Set 1 for ten different items. This deck of cards is aligned with ABLLS-R Task B21. This deck was created by Raven Education © and is for personal use with your child / students within the home / classroom. This deck may not be redistributed in any other way. Thank you.