FLOSS Rule for spelling

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by Two Fish Therapy

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 13,1

Description: Grade 1 - 2 Digital and Printable options ! Self-grading! This packet teaches a spelling rule modified from an Orton Gillingham Method. The packet can be used to support Orton Gillingham instruction or separately as a classroom activity. Sometimes called "the Floss Rule" children are taught to double ff, ll, zz, ss after a short vowel in a one syllable word. "Sammy loves friendly zebras" is the memory tool used to each letter that this rule applies too. Strategies used include (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) Say it, see it, repeat it, draw it (kinesthetic)! Includes one typing sentence made of both flossy words and sight words. Or print and laminate this card for print practice. Drawing activity card can be printed for fine motor /memory storage work as well. or the child can draw the picture of Sammy on a any provided piece of paper. A spelling list is provided at the end, it can be used as a dictation tool by reading the words to the child and having them print them or as a copying tool by having them copy the words on a piece of paper from the computer.