Airport Interactive Story FREE SAMPLER

by Speechie Witchie

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Subjects: speech,earlyIntervention,receptiveLanguage,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: THIS IS A FREE SAMPLER. The full version can be found in my store. An airport themed digital and interactive story to target multiple language skills, such as: • Receptive language skills of vocabulary, following instructions, and answering WH questions • Expressive language skills of commenting, requesting, rejecting and negating • Higher language skills and narrative skills of sequencing, reasoning, story recall and retell • Conversation skills using the conversation prompts HELP TINA AND TOMMY GET READY FOR THEIR AIRPLANE RIDE: • Pack their luggage • Drive to the airport • Give their passport and luggage to the check-in officer • Decide what to do while waiting by the boarding gate • Decide what to do while waiting for the plane to take off INCLUDES CARDS FOR: • Vocabulary • Interactive story • Answering Who, What, Where Questions • Answering Why Questions • Sequencing • Conversation Prompts BUNDLE This deck is included in a BUNDLE for a discounted price. You can find the Year-Round Language Stories Mega Bundle in my store.