Averages: Median averages | find the median average from the given numbers

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by Christopher D. Morgan

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Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: Practice finding the MEDIAN averages. Each card presents a small group of numbers and you have to find the median average. The median average is the middle number once all the other numbers have been ordered numerically. There are median 8 average questions with 3 numbers, 8 with 5 numbers and 8 with 7 numbers. The questions are randomised but the first card is the instructions card, which shows clearly how the median average is calculated. Decks in this series: - Averages: Mean practice questions #1 - Averages: Mean practice questions #2 - Averages: Mode practice questions - Averages: Median practice questions - Averages: Range practice questions - Averages: Mean, mode, median & range mixed practice questions For the best value, check out the Averages BUNDLE!