/ch/ Valentine Articulation - Decorate TEN vehicles

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by PlayLearnTalk

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Description: Goal: Make all /ch/ articulation pictures disappear (under each vehicle) while decorating your chosen vehicle (10 total). How to start: ✅Choose a vehicle - there are 10 total ✅Choose a position: /ch/ initial, medial or final How to play: ✅Each vehicle has TEN numbers (these are randomized). ✅Choose a picture from the bottom row under the vehicle. ✅Label that picture (as many times as you like) using your good /ch/ sound. ✅After labeling the picture, click it - it will reveal a surprise number that you're allowed to press on the vehicle. ✅Press the corresponding number (on the vehicle) to turn it into a surprise candy heart. HELPFUL INFO: ✅VISUAL CUE: Use the tab on the right for a visual cue or to practice the /ch/ sound in isolation. ✅WORD LIST: If needed, you can refer to the written word list on each page; click on the word list to make it disappear if it's distracting. ✅VEHICLES INCLUDE: school bus, firetruck, ambulance, tractor, police car, motorcycle, car, sailboat, submarine, and rocket ship. ✅ ARTICULATION TARGETS: ☑️/ch/ initial: chips, cheese, cherries, chair, checkers, church, chilis, chicken, chalk, chimpanzee ☑️/ch/ medial: beach ball, lunchbox, keychain, french fries, hot chocolate, teacher, matches, stitches, urchin, crutches ☑️/ch/ final: catch, couch, match, switch, peach, witch, bench, watch, punch, wrench