Spelling Game Companion - Bossy R Diphthongs Silent Letters

by Little Speech Shop

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech,ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonics

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: When it comes to practicing spelling, there are so many open-ended games that are great to use. All you need to go along with it is your spelling targets! This was great for a while until I found myself without time to set up target-specific applications for each game. So the Idea of the Game Companion for Spelling was born! With it, all I need now to prepare for my next client is to turn to their target sound and level! Benefits of the the Game Companion for Reading: - Turns any game into a Reading pattern-specific game - Time-saver - Multiple ways to use the Companion and make it exciting for your clients each time you use it Included: R-Controlled Vowels 3 boards each: ar, er 2 boards each: ir, or, ur 1 board each: ore, oar Mixed - 5 boards Diphthongs 2 boards each: au, aw, aw & au; oi, oy, oy & oi; ou, ow, ow & ou; oo, ew, oo & ew Mixed diphthongs - 5 boards Hard & Soft Sound Spellings 1 board each - Hard C, Soft C, Hard G, Soft G 2 boards reach - Hard & Soft C, Hard & Soft C Endings 1 board each - ch, tch, c, k, ck, ge, dge 2 boards each - ch & tch; k & ck; c, k & ck; ge & dge Silent Letters 1 board each - Silent B, C, G, H, K, L, N&P, T, W, Other 5 boards: Mixed This companion acts as a word list for your spelling targets. Click the number to reveal the word. Identify the word for the picture and have your student write the word. Click the picture again to reveal the correct spelling. Drag the "Word List" to view the words on each page.