Computer Coding Practice - Valentine's Day Delivery

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by Tong Stevens

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: edtech,holiday

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Your students are going to have so much fun with this Valentine's Day-themed deck of 30 Boom Cards. Students will complete 15 sets of coding sequences. There are cute animations after each code sequence. The deck of cards can provide a fun and interactive way for young students to practice and learn the basics of computer coding and programming. Students will click on the audio icon to hear the directions. Students will follow the code that is written out with arrows and then click on submit to check their answers. They will also need to click on the directional button (NEXT) to move to the next card. Coding is a lot of fun and it can help students learn how to follow directions (sequence), improve their logical thinking, and provide practice for problem-solving. Coding helps students learn the importance of following directions in the correct sequence. Understanding sequence is important because the steps in an algorithm or formula must be performed in the right order – otherwise, the algorithm will not work correctly. ⭐ Feedback is very much appreciated. You can follow me to get updates on new products. New products are listed at 20% off for 72 hours.