Number 14: Which Has Fourteen Flowers

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by Little Lugo Learners

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: Learn number sense of the number 14 with this digital task card activity. In this activity, the child practices ten frames by clicking on the kid with 14 flowers in their ten frames. Please note: This is the sixth activity in my Number of the Week: 14 Series. If you would like to purchase the whole set please refer to the Number of the Week: 14 Bundle. In this activity there are 3 practice pages before the child starts the activity. These pages introduce the Number 14, shows how to fill in a ten frame for 14 and counting strategy for larger numbers in ten frames. This activity also includes sound. The child can practice listening to and following directions for the task card. Overall, this activity is great for whole, small and individual groupings in the classroom. It s also a great resource for distance learning at home. Recommended Ages: 5 and above