Fruits Singular and Plural Nouns Activity - Real Fruits Photo

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by The Speech Learning Ladder

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Fruits Singular and Plural Nouns Boom card includes 30 task cards target on learning singular and plural by using real fruits photos. Suitable to use to teach singular and plural concepts in speech therapy, preschool, kindergarten, special education, and early intervention. 15 singular real fruits photos includes in this product are strawberry, peach, orange, pineapple, grape, cherry, apple, banana, lemon, watermelon, pear, raspberry, blackberry, lime and papaya. 15 plural real fruits photos include strawberries, peaches, oranges, pineapples, grapes, cherries, apples, bananas, lemons, watermelons, pears, raspberries, blackberries, limes and papayas.