Optimization: Maximum Area of Rectangles 3-Sides Needed Investigation

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by Math Rocks Eh!?!

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Subjects: math,mathHighSchool,highSchoolGeometry,algebra,geometricMeasurementAndDimension

Grades: 8,9,10,11

Description: Let your students discover optimization of rectangles with this self-guided scaffolded activity. Students will recall formulas for perimeter and area of rectangles, and rearrange the perimeter formula to discover the dimensions of a rectangle with the maximum area when only 3 sides are needed. RESOURCE INCLUDES: 12 questions Fixed perimeter 1 instructions page Q1-3 recall formulas Q4: rearrange perimeter formula for 3-sided rectangle Q5: fill in table to notice a pattern Q6-7: What do you notice about the dimensions & shape? Q8: How can we determine the dimensions algebraically? Q9-13: Examples Self-checking No prep paperless digital internet activity