Core Words on the Farm│Open, Close, Want, More

by Pear Tree Speech

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Subjects: speech,earlyIntervention,communicationModalities,modalitiesAAC,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 0

Description: This is a fun, engaging, and interactive activity targeting the core words open, close, want, and more. You can also practice " I see..." sentences with this deck! First, you and your student/s will listen to see if you can guess who is in the barn. Then, open up the door to see who is inside! You can practice "I see..."  sentences here as well. But wait, don't forget to close the door, we don't want our animals to come out of the barn just yet! On the next slide, you will help feed the animal. First, talk about what the animal wants. Then, give him some more!  Use the slide out visual aids (open, close, I see a _____, want ____, and more _____) if you need help. Please note that this deck is not self-grading, it is meant to be practiced with an adult.