14 - The Verb Aller | Le verbe aller

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by La Petite Prof

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Description: Your students will love learning how to conjugate the irregular French verb aller with this engaging deck! Students start out by learning the rules for conjugation. After the lesson, students practice the concept. First, students drag the correct form of aller from the chart to complete a sentence. Then students choose the correct form of aller from three possibilities. Finally, students fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb. This deck meets the following standards for French learners: ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners | Interpersonal Vocabulary – Novice Range Able to understand and produce a number of high frequency words, highly practiced expressions, and formulaic questions. NEXT GENERATION SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS (Florida) (Reading) WL.K12.NM.2.4 - Recognize words and phrases when used in context on familiar topics. (Communication) WL.K12.NM.3.5 - Understand and use in context common concepts (such as numbers, days of the week, etc.) in simple situations. This deck is set to play sequentially due to the lesson at the beginning of the deck.