All About the Letter Cc: Building Sentences

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by Judy's Primary Play Store

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Students will build simple sentences that go with each scene on the task card. They will be using 20 high frequency words that can be found on the Fry and Dolch lists (I, see, a, the, can, like, my, to, go, and, play, we, you, is, she, me, have, look, was, he), as well as a word beginning with a /c/ sound to complete the sentence. Each task card has voice recordings for the the high frequency words, the complete sentence, and directions. This activity can be used for: *Developing writing skills *Introducing simple sentences *Introducing/reinforcing sight words *Introducing/reinforcing concepts of print *Reviewing words with the beginning sound /c/ *Reinforcing vocabulary skills Developing skills in the areas of: * Identifying initial sounds * Phonics skills * Vocabulary