Rhyme Time

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by Dandelion Dreams

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Subjects: englishSecondLanguage,ela,speakingListening,speech,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,listeningSkills,phonology

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Research says that the ability to identify words that rhyme is one of the phonological awareness skills that form the foundation for early literacy. In this activity the "sound speaker" will identify each picture. The student will listen to each pair of words and click the checkmark if the words rhyme and click the X if the words do not rhyme. This deck will help your students' sound awareness skills. In this deck of 27 cards, 19 of the cards have word pairs that rhyme and 8 cards with words that do not rhyme. It is great for our students who are learning English and who may not yet be able to identify some or all of the pictures. Listening to the words and seeing a visual clue is invaluable as they grapple with the English language. EXTENSION ACTIVITY: This deck might also be played whole group. Encourage your students to identify another word that would rhyme with each pair. Play multiple times as the deck is designed to be presented in random order.