Mystery Surfboard Articulation /k/: {Word Level}

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by The Speech Banana

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: A decodable deck of articulation stimuli to mix up your speech intervention. This deck targets /k/ in all positions at the word level. Students will use the decoder toolbox depicted on the task cards to decode the mystery target word on the surfboard. Example: 1) Open the deck. The student will read the target words or use the sentence form, "Could it be ____ or ____?" 2) The student will use the decoder at the bottom of the task card to decode the word on the surfboard. 3) The student will say and select the correct answer on the task card to move to the next target card. Enjoy & Always Have Fun! Jenn Saliba - The Speech Banana ©2019 The Speech Banana All rights reserved.