Level A Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions (part 2)

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by Inspire Me ASAP

Price: 700 points or $7 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Are you looking for engaging and interactive fiction reading passages and comprehension checks for your students to read digitally while using BOOM? These digital, paperless stories are at the guided reading level A. The stories create a high level of engagement for your kindergarten readers and are perfect for their reading level. A level A is the equivalent of a kindergarten reading level. This story has a TEXT TO SOUND. This is the perfect way to help build your students’ reading fluency and engagement! There are 75 total cards to this deck. There are 7 fiction stories as part of this deck. Each story is about 5 pages long and has about 5 pages of comprehension questions. 1. Time for Lunch 2. Simon’s Clothes 3. What Does Mia See in the Ocean? 4. Hard Work on the Farm 5. Time for Breakfast 6. Nugget the Puppy 7. What Should Dad Get? I have another Level A Fiction Deck in my BOOM store, which has 8 stories. Please let me know if you have any questions!