Life Skills- Environmental Signs- STAIRS- Set 10

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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: edtech,ela,socialstudies,specialed

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNS-- STAIRS Set 10 Also check out: - stop - exit - do not enter - wet floor - bathroom signs - walk vs. don't walk - seat yourself vs. wait to be seated ....and more! Deck includes 13 cards. Situation 1: one door (with a sign-- STAIRS sign or something else). Students click YES or NO to indicate "Is this the door to access the stairs?" x 5 cards Situation 2: Two doors (one with STAIRS sign and one with something else). Students move a boy to the correct door to respond to the question "which door should the boy use?" x 8 cards Other signs shown in this deck (not the specific targets) = ELEVATOR DO NOT ENTER EMPLOYEES ONLY BATHROOM/RESTROOM Check out tons of other Safety Skills, Community Signs, and other Life Skills decks in my Boom Store!