Alphabet and Beginning Sound Activities - Letter X

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by Little Achievers

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13

Description: All about the letter X: This deck includes 20 slides to learn and practice the Letter X. Audio directions are included for each slide. Slide 1: Cover Slide: The letter X says /x/. Slide 2, 3: Trace the letter X and x with your finger. Slide 4: Find the capital letter. Slide 5: Find the lower-case letter. Slide 6: Find the letter Xx. Slide 7: Sort the letters: gumballs for capital and lower case letter sort. Slide 8, 9: Build the letter X and x. Slide 10: Match the letters - upper and lower case (drag and drop activity). Slide 11: Count the pictures and write the number. Slide 12: The slide shows 3 pictures that END with the letter sound. Slides 13, 14: Click the picture that starts with the letter sound (2 pictures per card). Slide 15: Find the pictures that END with the letter sound. Slides 16, 17, 18, 19: Tap the picture that matches the word. Slide 20: Match the picture to the word.