Memory: Articulation Game DG

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by Mrs. Pascucci

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: *If you are looking for other sounds, this game is part of a bundle so check out my store! A traditional memory game for up to three players with a 4x5 grid and DG target words. Say your two DG words and drag your two guesses into the holding spots. Practice at the word, phrase or sentence level. If you reveal two matching color squares, drag your checkmark over the card to mark your points. Discard the target cards in the corner. Each sound position (initial, medial, final) has 3 versions with colors mixed around for extended play/rematches! *To make the game go a little faster/be less frustrating, some colors are used 4 times to give players a better chance of finding a match Initial Targets: July, jump rope, juice, jellyfish, jelly, jeans, jack-o-lantern, jar, jacket, jam, juggle, jingle, judge, giraffe, journal, jewel, jet, gymnastics, germ, gingerbread Medial/Final Mixed Targets: hedgehog, fidget, refrigerator, veggies, pages, charger, plunger, gingerbread, magic, pajamas, register, graduate, message, garage, sponge, package, marriage, garbage, orange, bridge