2.NBT.4 | Comparing Numbers | 3 Digit Numbers | Valentine's Day

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by Coffee Creations

Price: 420 points or $4.2 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This "2.NBT.4 | Comparing Numbers | 3 Digit Numbers | Valentine's Day Themed" deck includes 23 cards for learners. Each card asks learners to compare the two 3-Digit numbers given. Students will drag and drop the "greater than / equal to / less than" symbol to the circle for their answer. There are two sets of numbers to compare per card. This desk is also "Valentine's Day" themed - perfect for the month of February! Do your students need to complete all 23 cards? NOPE! Once you’ve assigned this deck to students, click the ACTION tab below the deck called “Custom Play Settings.” This allows you to set the number of cards for your learners. I hope your students enjoy this activity!