Multiplication Facts and Strategies

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by The Literacy Loft - Jessica Meyer

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3

Description: This resource includes: - 36 Task Cards for Addition, Subtraction, and Rounding- These task cards are perfect for a math center, small group, review, or test prep. - Answer Sheet - Answer Key These task cards are part of a year-long series that covers the 3rd Grade Math Standards. ✔︎ 3.OA.A.1: Model Multiplication ✔︎ 3.OA.B.5: Commutative Property ✔︎ 3.OA.B.5: Distributive Property ✔︎ 3.OA.B.5: Associative Property ✔︎ 3.OA.A.3: Multiplication Patterns ✔︎ 3.OA.D.8: Problem Solving