Short Vowel Discrimination Level 1

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by Plain and Simple Teacher Resources

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: These 50 task cards cover short vowel sounds. The first eleven blue cards cover the short a sound and students select the correct spelling of the picture provided. They are given four possible choices where they have to decide the correct vowel sound and possibly the beginning and ending consonant sound. They then drag the letters into boxes provided and say the sound as they place the letter in the box and confirm the sound matches the chosen letter. Cards 12 to 21 are yellow and they are three letter words with short e. The turquoise Cards; 22 to 30 are short I words. The pink cards; 31 to 40 are three letter short o words. The final cards; 41 to 50 are three letter short u words and they are on a beige card. Short a words- cat, can, car, cab, cap, jam, bag, ant, pad, fan, map. Short e words – bed, ten, jet, web, leg, pen, net, hem, pet, wet. Short I words – bib, pig, bin, lip, pit, lid, pin, rip, kit Short o words – pod, dog, cop, pot, box, cot, log, rod, mop, cow, owl. Short u words – cub, cup, gun, bus, nut, tub, mud, rug, cut.