BOOM SHORT Vowel Reading with Consonant Clusters and Digraph

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by DragonTwins

Price: 600 points or $6 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,phonologicalAwareness,foundationalSkills,phonics,speech,phonology

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Reading, Spelling, Phonics activity to sound out words with short vowels with digraphs and consonant clusters. Great for dyslexia. Kido's must identify the word spoken and choose the correct word by identifying the correct vowel sound in the middle of the word, in a multiple choice format. There are also drag and drop tiles to put in the correct order scattered throughout the deck. Built in motivators are provided via emojis or pics and audio clips. Hope your students love learning to read with these BOOMS! copyright DragonTwins 2023